Panda China Visa Service Center (PCVSC), China Visa 1 (CV1)  is a private consulting firm based in Hong Kong and Malaysia with years of experiences providing and focusing on a long term stay China M type        (6 months / 1 year multiple) business visa application service to international business travelers of most nationalities. PCVSC is not a government agency.


PCVSC/CV1 provides 1 stop service with clear and easy instructions on how to apply and get a China visa from A to Z. Even though China visa policy and rules keep changing suddenly, we are catching   up the latest policies and rules in every month what is going on by communicating often with China   Visa Officers as a professional consulting service. 


* IMPORTANT : At present, we are consulting for China M visa ( 12 months or 6months / 60 days or 30 days / Multiple or 2 Entry ) and L visa for foreigners who want to apply in Malaysia. Even if you already have an agent in Hong Kong or Malaysia, please feel free to contact us.


Updated on 03/05/2018